Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's National Pie Day!

January 23 is National Pie Day! Huzzah! Pie, whether open-faced or not, is one of the most wonderful and versatile of all food categories. Pies for main courses; pizzas; pot pies; fruit pies; cream pies; such a vast array of foods that fall into the category of "pie". Yup, I love pie!

Here's Nigella Lawson, making a quick chicken pot pie using puff pastry:

A few years ago -- Heavens, I need to do this again -- I made my own Chicago-style deep dish pizza. And yes, it's a pie, not a casserole.

Here's a wonderful video about Chicago-style pizza. Wait until you see the cooks at Gino's East putting the sausage into the pizza:

Thinking about pie always makes me hungry, but it can also take one's thoughts in a rather, shall we say, cosmic direction:

And then, of course, there's a whole other galaxy of uses for pie:

So whether you celebrate National Pie Day by baking a pie, eating a pie, or getting hit in the face with a pie, Happy National Pie Day!


Lynn said...

Of course everyone knows that the real Pie Day is March 14 but, whatever. Every month should have it's own pie day.

Anonymous said...

Keeper Peyton stat of the day: record-setting 7th 300+ yard playoff game (Favre may have tied it later today). At first I wondered how Marino or Elway didn't have 10 such playoff games (Montana almost always had a quality RB to balance the game away from 300+ passing yards), but in any case, Peyton has been The Man in the playoffs more times than he's gotten a ring. His brother is the opposite, having a ring, but not performing well enough to win in the playoffs when given a balanced team.

Jason Whitlock will never be reasonable about Peyton since it generates no outrage to praise Peyton for his good body of work.