Thursday, January 22, 2004

Of Intermittent Bloggers....

:: Nefarious Neddie has returned to posting, after a month-long hiatus. It seems that January is a pretty busy month for him, but he had time to report on possible Star Wars sequels to be filmed after the completion of Episode III. I withheld comment, since it was only a rumored thing and since I'm not sure I'd want more Star Wars movies after next year's: I like the whole idea of the Extended Universe, even though I don't much follow it anymore, but for the purposes of the movies, I prefer keeping it centered on the story of Anakin/Vader. Any post-Return of the Jedi films would have to find another "angle".

But, TF.N reports today that it might not be a series of sequel movies, but a television production of some sort, telling stories of Vader's "Reign of Terror". That would be interesting.

:: Somehow it escaped my notice that fellow-Collaboratory mate Jason Streed is posting again. I can't really single out any one of his posts for mention, because he's really good (and not just when he's telling his readers how good I am!). Oh, and can anyone figure out why his blog never seems to display correctly? I always have to hit F-11 twice to get it all to show up.

:: Another of the Original Collaboratory Gang, who disappeared from blogging for a long time, is Christopher Alvarado, who will be going up on my blogroll as soon as, well, I remember to get him up on my blogroll. Interesting stuff there, especially his Cleveland-centric posts. Living in Buffalo, for a number of years now I've thought of Cleveland as an example of what Buffalo could be like if they'd ever get things figured out; it turns out that all isn't entirely rosy at the other end of Lake Erie. Check him out.

:: Finally, I figure that Michelle will start posting again once she finally finishes reading all twenty of Patrick O'Brian's "Aubrey & Maturin" novels. Of course, by that time, Guy Gavriel Kay's new novel might be out, and that will delay her again (probably for only a few hours, though).

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