Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I caught part of Deep Impact the other night, which is clearly the better of the two "Big Asteroid Hitting the Earth" movies that came out within months of each other a few years back; and then, imagine my great surprise when I saw that Armageddon was on ABC last night. This, of course, makes perfect sense, given that Armageddon has become to ABC what Beastmaster is to TBS. Paul Riddell today describes Armageddon as "unwatchable", but for me, the problem is that the movie is absurdly watchable: with that constantly moving camera (even in conversation scenes) and lots of swirling, colorful stuff, the damned movie is as hypnotic as a lava lamp. It's a bad, bad movie with crappy dialogue, horrible science and music that causes migraines in lab rats, but whenever the thing comes on I invariably end up watching at least half an hour of it.

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