Friday, January 23, 2004

Film music sites

As a final throw-away post before the weekend, I figured I'd list some of the film music sites I regularly visit; but then I realized that there are only three. Weird....I used to be more active than that. One of my old favorites, Jason Blalock's Scoreland, has been gone for some time now, and thus I'm left regularly visiting these ones.

:: The home site of a monthly (duh!) magazine devoted to film music, this one usually has pretty good news (especially on Fridays, when they gather up all the news from the week), reviews of obscure film music releases (sometimes really obscure), and other stuff. The discussion forums there are generally good, as well, with a lot of flamewars being permanently disabled since the moderators imposed a strict "No politics" rule. The forums tend to be rather heavy on the idolization of Jerry Goldsmith, but generally that's OK.

:: Soundtrack Express. Just a good review site, really. Not much to add.

:: Filmus-L. This is actually the website that archives all of the messages posted to the Filmus-L mailing list. I'd join, but I had my fill of debating film music stuff a long time ago; it's really not a hobby that has a lot of "new and exciting" issues cropping up. About the fiftieth time you debate the merits of, say, Hans Zimmer's approach to scoring versus, say, Carter Burwell's, you've pretty much seen it all. They don't get too wildly off-topic, and being able to read everything at once on the Web rather than by subscribing (and thus being tempted to reply) is nice.

And that, surprisingly, is about all of it. There are lots of other film music sites, obviously, but these are the only ones that have held my attention for very long.

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