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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Castle is just such a good show. It really is. I've sung its praises before, but I really loved last night's episode. It revolved around a murder in the New York City steampunk community, and among the show's usual strengths -- wonderful dialogue, great chemistry in the cast, et cetera -- I liked the depiction of the steampunk community. Basically, Castle did not take the easy way out and depict steampunk as a geeky, nerdy, uncool thing.

Now, I'm not the world's biggest fan of steampunk; I like a good steampunk tale as much as anybody, but I don't love it more than other stuff. But steampunk is cool and fun, and Castle made it and fun, right down to Castle's pitch-perfect definition of steampunk to Detective Beckett:

[Steampunk is] a subculture that embraces the simplicity and romance of the past and at the same time couples it with the hope and promise and sheer supercoolness of futuristic design.

How perfect is that! I can't help but wonder how, say, the CSI shows would depict such a steampunk club. They'd no doubt make it a creepy, eerie, nasty thing that only people with horrible social skills could embrace. Kind of like how they depicted furries and "sploshers" and midget conventions and lots of other stuff.

Kudos to Castle! Best show on teevee.


M. D. Jackson said...

Absolutely! And the Jules Verne Trivia was a nice touch, too!

M. D. Jackson said...

BTW: Thanks, Kelly, for turning me on to this show. I thank you and my family thanks you.

Lynn said...

I agree. That episode was absolutely awesome.

Derek J. Punaro said...

Haven't watched the show [yet?], but thanks to your post I know what steampunk is now.