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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Help me, Readers!

An old friend of mine e-mailed me thusly:

Hey, I was wondering if you would know which older movie featured a battle scene wherein the protagonist and antagonist morphed into various creatures...but since it was well before morph technology, the screen showed neon-like outlines of the animals (in electric blue and neon red, as I recall). Was it Clash of the Titans '81? A Conan movie? Something else entirely? I saw that little bit of the movie as a kid, and it has stuck in my memory ever since. Do you have any idea what I'm writing about?

And I can kinda picture a scene in my head like what he's talking about, but nothing specific enough that adds up to a memory. I know I have a number of readers who ought to be right up on their late 70s/early 80s F&SF flicks, so can anyone shed some light on what Mark's movie might have been?


Jason said...

Well, I'm a big Clash of the Titans fan and I can confirm that it definitely was NOT that one. The Beastmaster perhaps?

Roger Owen Green said...

Sorry, no idea. But I realized that your title works well as a Beach Boys song, sung to Help Me Rhonda, with the end of the chorus going:
Help me readers, yeah
Find the answer we need.

Andy said...

Was it YOR!!!!!!!,_the_Hunter_from_the_Future