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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Carl

You know what you are when you hold disgusting, bigoted beliefs because your religion tells you to?

You're a disgusting bigot.

Thanks for the opportunity to clear that up.

BTW, I saw this comment on Facebook this morning:

People will vote for him because they don't see the advantage in voting for a "good person," if Cuomo even represents that. How does Carl being bigoted or homophobic affect them? How does having an open minded person affect them? If the open minded person raises their taxes, drives away business, and makes their children leave for NC, can you blame them for voting for the nut?

Yup, I can blame them. They could have chosen a candidate who wasn't a nut, and who would channel their frustration into reasonable policy goals that would move things in a direction they like. Instead, they chose a lunatic whose approach is to say whatever leaps into his brain; who has advanced only a few policy ideas, each of which is a laughable non-starter; whose only appeal to his voters is anger that won't go anywhere at all. Anger can be useful, but Paladino's brand of anger won't be. You can bank on it.

So yes, I can totally blame people for voting for the nut.

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Roger Owen Green said...

There ARE other candidates, too, if one doesn't want to vote for Cuomo - Howie Hawkins (Green), Warren Redlich (Libertarian) and at least 3 others.