Monday, August 10, 2020

Tablet Fun!

So one thing I've been saving money for is a new tablet. My old one is pushing five years old (and may be over that already, as I'm not entirely sure when I bought it in 2015), so it's getting up there. Battery life isn't awesome anymore and apps don't always update, and in fact eventually a lot of apps become unwinnable. I've been squirreling away money so I could buy the new tablet outright, and now it's mine! In fact, I am writing this very post on the new tablet.

It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, in the 10-in size. This is the biggest tablet I've owned yet, which makes sense for reading comics and since I want to use this tablet as a secondary writing device. Of course, that particular bit of functionality will have to wait until the keyboard folio I also ordered comes; apparently it was backordered, which is a shame. (It was also included free, so I can't whine too much yet.) My plan is to use the tablet for writing in Google Docs, for things like blog posts and reviews for The Geekiverse, and maybe even short-form fiction if the whim allows. Google Docs doesn't handle very large files very well, and since brevity does not seem to be a thing I do as a novelist, that work will remain on the laptop and Scrivener. 

Aside from that, who knows? I just have a nifty new gadget!

And the camera is decent on this tablet, too. Here is a selfie I took last night with this very device. Not bad, I must say.

And oh yeah, those are also new overalls...but more on those in another post. Cheerio, mates!

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Roger Owen Green said...

enjoy your new toys!