Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

I'm always wary of people who claim to have 'OCD', but I do believe that we all have little OCD tendencies. Here's one of mine: I always try to arrange the eggs in the carton in such a way as to be symmetrical.

One OCD-like quirk of mine is that I strive for symmetry in the eggs when I use them. #WeirdAndProud

What are you 'OCD' about?


SK Waller said...

Just about everything...

Roger Owen Green said...

If I'm taking eggs out of the carton, I take one from the corner, then one from he opposite corner. The last four eggs are in the middle.

I put my glasses at the same place at night, the bike lock in the same slot in my backpack when using it, et al - these mostly so I can actually FIND them.

fillyjonk said...

I don't think it's OCD but I rage when students staple the pages of a lab write-up out of order, so I have to search around while grading. (I think it's just good manners to get your freakin' lab in the CORRECT ORDER)

It also bugs me when the pages are stapled *just slightly off* so they are not aligned. And when they leave the "dandruff" on spiral-notebook paper.

Unknown said...

I don't know, I think this is one of those things where it has to be not-useful to count as part of a disorder (like no one is phobic of bears in Canada). Symmetrical egg boxes are less likely to fall over, after all.

I do think the main thrust of your argument is correct, though. Mental illnesses and learning disabilities are usually a normal human experience gone horribly wrong.