Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Still here....

Wow, I've sucked at posting here lately...sorry about that! It's been a bit on the busy side the last few days, and making matters worse, the air conditioning at Casa Jaquandor decided to take a nose-dive, so things there haven't been too comfortable and it's taken a lot of effort just to work up the proper enthusiasm for writing in the first place. So, what energies I have been able to summon on that front, have been devoted to the book, which is kind of slow-going right now anyway because I'm in the stage of the game where the pot is a rolling boil and I don't wanna screw things up too badly.

Anyway, we're still here! How are you all doing?

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Roger Owen Green said...

The laptop is on the dining room table, because, if it were in the office, with no a.c., there would be no blogging at all.