Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Let's talk Mexican food! What's your favorite tortilla-based item? Taco? Burrito? Quesadilla? Fajita?

Crunchy or soft?

Filled with what?


SK Waller said...

In southern California, tacos are made by putting a seasoned shredded beef mixture inside a corn tortilla and then frying it until it has a soft crunch. That's my favorite tortilla-based Mexican food and I miss it!

M. D. Jackson said...

Mole Enchilada. When we go to our local Mexican restaurant that's what I order. Always.

My wife doesn't want to go anymore. She keeps trying to encourage me to order something different and I refuse.

Consequently I haven't had it in quite a while.

Although I do like a burrito now and then.

Roger Owen Green said...

Soft taco. Almost doesn't matter what's inside - chicken, beef. Guac or sour cream. Mix it up! But no olives.

Lynn said...

I recently got hooked on chorizo. I don't care what it is, fill it or top it with chorizo and I'll be in spicy food heaven.

Michael May said...

I love 'em all, but forced to choose: carnitas burrito with taco sauce. (Recently realized I love taco sauce way more than salsa.)