Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Snoring into Bethlehem

Some lady just got acquitted of murder, apparently. Maybe one day I'll understand why this murder trial commands so much attention over all the other ones that barely enter the public consciousness even in the municipalities where they take place, much less the national consciousness. Maybe, but I doubt it. And I still don't care.


Roger Owen Green said...

it's because the media frenzy even before one word of testimony, fueled by the prosecution in part

fillyjonk said...

It's a soap opera in real life: child in jeopardy/child dead, young woman, partying, family dysfunction, courtroom drama.

There are people who love that kind of thing. I assume they must not have enough things to engage their attention in their daily life.

I think this is also why one CNN commentator has made such a career of the "missing child" or "missing pretty young woman" cases.

Mimi said...

Beats me why people are so involved. I did my level best to not hear a thing, but sadly, was disappointed on that front.