Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday Centus

It's that time again!

One thing I didn't realize, in my last few weeks' entries, is that the word count limitation on this weekly micro-fiction bit of fun actually doesn't include the writing prompt itself. Now, that may not seem like much -- this week's prompt is only seven words -- but when such a strict word-count limitation is imposed, word choice becomes a premium. I'm really enjoying doing this thing every Saturday because it's really good practice: it forces your hand, really, in choosing words for effect. You only have a hundred words to work with, and in the space of that hundred words, you have to establish a setting and your character(s) and tell an actual tale.

So anyway, here's what I came up with. The prompt is in bold, within the tale.

Timmy and Tommy came bursting into the kitchen, tracking snow behind them.

“Mom! Mom! MOM!”

“Yes, boys?”

“We saw a SNOW MONSTER!” said Timmy.

“It was GREEN!” said Tommy.

“It ate a whole COW!” said Timmy.

“And it had wings!”

“And teeth THIS LONG!”

“It crushed a car with its fists!”

“And it was growing bigger by the minute!”

Mom nodded. “That’s nice, boys. Take off your things and I’ll make cocoa.”

Timmy looked at Tommy.

“Where do you think we lost her?” Timmy asked.

“‘Bigger by the minute’,” Tommy said.

“Marshmallows?” Mom asked.

“Yes, please,” said Timmy and Tommy.


Deborah said...

You used your 100 words wonderfully! :o)

Unknown said...

This was cleverly cute for sure! I enjoyed it immensely. So glad to meet you here on the Centus.

Bookie said...

This was so sweet...and very real. Enjoyed this...

Kat said...

Really well written, it rang very true. I look forward to you offerings every week, you always have a unique take on the prompt. Kat

Porky said...

That was definitely good fun to read, and I'll bet you enjoyed writing it too; I know I would.

I'm still pondering what I could ask you. It's too good an offer to pass up!

Viki said...

Loved, loved, loved this. This was such a realistic depiction of how kids and a mother would act with each other. Bravo!!

21 Wits said...

Great use of the prompt, very cool. I also am new at well blogging period, but it's funny each time I begin something new it takes a bit to get it right...not that they really grade us..I just love all this blogging stuff and gives me an excuse and reason to jot stuff down! It's all about having fun right!

Susannah said...

I loved this, it was so well done.

A great use of your 100 words.:-)

Kim said...

Boys and their stories...had the snow monster been yellow, I bet mom would have believed it!

elysabeth said...

When I saw the title, my mind went to the characters in the Highlights magazine - Timmy and Tommy (I think they are a bad and good persona -friends, not brothers but it's been a while since I've read Highlights)

Great depiction of the "snow monster" and I loved the reference to eating a cow whole and crushing a car with its fist - lol. These boys have been watching too much Godzilla - lol. Great use of the prompt - only thing I had a problem was knowing which of the boys were speaking; or if they were both speaking at the same time - E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
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Judie said...

Were those boys crying wolf?? Egad! said...

Boys will be boys. This was very cute and playful.

CB said...

I loved it - Definately a very fun and happy story. True to life too!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

sweet. and so true. kids will never get us moms.

e said...

That was excellent Kelly. Very well written :)) Not just a piece of a story in 100 words but the whole story! Loved it!

Susan Anderson said...

Any mom would enjoy this one...And I do!


jeff campbell said...

Very well written...brought the moment to life for sure...Peace and blessings

Unknown said...

We have all told tall tales ...some make it a profession...a slice of real life...well written.

Gems said...

Great rhythm and pace to this. Also funny.

Nonna said...

Very clever and true to life ( I think as the mother of 4 boys, I've heard a tale similar to this one in my time )...excellent !!!

Maria said...

Mothers are like that.

Unknown said...

Clever, cute and well done! And yes, as a mother I recognise this dialog. True to life!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC week 40 '...growing bigger...'

Unknown said...

I am having trouble with the link that I left on Jenny's blog. Try this one instead:
Anna's SC-wk 40 2nd try to link


Tgoette said...

LOL! Awesome job, Kelly! I loved this!

Jenny said...

This dialogue is unbelievable.

You are really excellent at this style of writing. I'm impressed for serious and amazed that you took this prompt and created this absolutely believable little gem of a story.


I got carried away in my enthusiasm.

Just really impressed with you this week!