Monday, January 31, 2011

Ogle my shelves! Ogle them!! OGLE, I say!!!

I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks, ever since Sheila did it first. It's a series of photos of my bookshelves, nice and close-up.

You'll probably notice, rather instantly, that my organizational approach to my bookshelves is, roughly put, "Getting as many books as I can on the meager shelf space that I have". I'd love to have enough shelf space to actually group things, and have books by the same author kinda-sorta in the same general area, but for now, I don't much have that luxury. Aside from my Guy Gavriel Kay books and my copies of The Lord of the Rings, stuff is mostly scattered all over the place.

You will also note all the extra stuff I pile onto my poor bookshelves. Clearly I operate in more of a "Chaos that could erupt at any moment" kind of book-organizing paradigm.

And with that...the shelves. Below the link.

Bookshelves 1

Bookshelves 2

Bookshelves 3

Bookshelves 4

Bookshelves 5

Bookshelves 6

Bookshelves 7

Bookshelves 8

Bookshelves 9

Bookshelves 10

Bookshelves 11

Bookshelves 12

Bookshelves 13

Bookshelves 14

Bookshelves 16

Bookshelves 17

Bookshelves 19

Bookshelves 20

Bookshelves 21

Bookshelves 22

Bookshelves 23

Bookshelves 26

Bookshelves 29

Bookshelves 30

Bookshelves 31

Bookshelves 32

Bookshelves 33



Unknown said...

I've been ogling your bookshelves whenever they have been visible in the background of photos and I enjoyed the closer look. I love all the Carl Sagan books and the graphic novel corner.

"Hey, want to ogle my bookshelves?" ... I admit that this line would probably work with me.

Call me Paul said...

Cool! I think I'll have to play along with this one.