Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breakfast -- the Meal of the Gods

Breakfast at Charlie's, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

I love food of nearly all varieties, but like a lot of folks, there's a special place in my heart for breakfast. There's something awfully nice about a day that starts off with a nice, big, filling breakfast. I'm not partial to any particular item for breakfast: I'll have my beloved waffles or pancakes with pure maple syrup and a side of some kind of meat, or I'll have an omelet and homefries, or I'll go big and get one of those combo breakfast meals that every good breakfast joint has.

The photo above is one of those meals, from one of my absolute favorite breakfast joints: Charlie's Diner in East Aurora, NY. It's exactly what it sounds like: a diner, with typical diner grub. Inside there's seating at a cramped counter and a few tables in the first room, but the place has become so popular over the years that it's obviously expanded greatly, with additional dining room areas. And best of all is the seating area on the porch out front, where one can sit in shaded fresh air and eat. It's just a fantastic place. My meal above consisted of two eggs, three sausage links, home fries, toast on homemade bread, and a stack of three pancakes that I couldn't squeeze into the frame. (The pancakes at the upper left are The Daughter's.)

I love breakfast because it tends to be the most value-packed of meals. You can get a huge meal, with coffee and OJ, at most places like this for around $10. That's great, especially when you eat late enough in the morning and you eat enough food to make lunch expendable.

We ate there on a Saturday morning two weeks ago before attending the East Aurora Farmers Market. Farmers markets are some of my favorite things; just wandering around, looking at all the fresh produce and vegetables and plants and flowers and other items is fantastic, and I love being able to hand my money for a head of lettuce to the person who grew it.

Back on the subject of breakfasts, we discovered quite by accident last week a great show on PBS called Breakfast Special. This show spends an hour profiling different kinds of breakfast joints throughout the country, from one of Western New York's own pancake houses (the Maple Tree Inn, which is only open during maple syrup harvesting season) across the country to a couple of places in Portland, OR. Watching this show made us terribly hungry. If you can find the show on your PBS station, check it out.

Wow, I want to eat some breakfast now...and as I'm writing this, I've just finished dinner!


Roger Owen Green said...

dammit, I HAVEN'T eaten breakfast yet...must...eat...

Call me Paul said...

And, oddly enough, recent research indicates that a breakfast full of proteins, fats and carbs - such as the one illustrated above - is much healthier than just a bowl of cereal or a bagel.