Monday, January 14, 2008

Sentential Links #124

And away we go:

:: Which, of course, is exactly what Jonah does in the book: set up a fallacious opposing argument, demolish it, then turn around and assert exactly the same sort of argument from the opposite direction. (I'm really surprised; when I want intellectual honesty, the first place I look is Jonah Goldberg!)

:: Someone said that the cost of THE GOLDEN COMPASS is more than all the revenue the WGA would receive if the AMPTP accepts our offer. And yet somehow our offer is irresponsible and would cause complete financial ruin to the industry.

:: When we hear "abandoned graveyard," I think most of us might be tempted to think that they simply stopped burying people there, and leave it at that. But for reasons I can't yet fathom, this particular graveyard was not only discontinued, but left to return to a state of nature.

:: Don't wait for inspiration. Just get to work. (Agreed. Something like that is my mantra for 2008 and beyond.)

:: Getting my photo taken with Peter S. Beagle, author of (among other things) The Last Unicorn. (Gaaaahhhh! I'm jealous.)

:: Now that I have a longer commute, I get to experience all the different types of bad drivers even more often than before. It’s time to start calling them out. (Driving rants are always fun.)

:: Mindfulness is the key. Every individual moment is important.

:: There’s something very wonderful that occurs as ones brain gets a little dizzier with each solar rotation. We learn what’s important and what’s less so at any given moment, and yes, we finally learn to edit.

All for now. Tune in again next week!

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