Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So this morning, before work, I went online to check stuff like weather (I've never seen a winter this windy, and I spent four winters in Iowa) and whether the school had been closed for The Daughter (it had) and check e-mail. When I closed out AOL, it did that AOL thing it likes to do sometimes where it downloads its own new features (what these are, I have no idea) and requires you to restart your computer. So I clicked "Restart", and headed for the bathroom to do my teeth and whatnot.

While I was in the bathroom, the power went out for a minute and then came back on. When I came out, I discovered that the restart had failed, and that a file with the ominous-sounding name "Config" had been corrupted. I can only surmise that the computer was trying to do something when the power failure to the apartment interrupted it before it was done, and it wasn't able to recover itself once the power came back on.

So I've just completed the arduous task of running PC Recovery, which restores the computer to its "Out of the box" state. Which is fine, since I'm now up and running again, but it's literally the "Out of the box" state. As in, everything I had on the hard drive is gone.

Now, this isn't too disastrous, really; most of the important stuff, minus maybe a month's worth of photos, was still available via my laptop and my USB flash drives, and even some of the photos I can grab again off Flickr. The music can all be recovered too, I suppose, although that will take some doing. But all of my bookmarks from Firefox are gone, including a giant folder I had of blogs that I hadn't yet come round to blogrolling. This has happened before, and I've in the past been able to find some of those blogs again by memory, but for the most part, I expect that many of them will never be visited by me again, and that's a shame, since there were some good ones there.

Oh well, nothing lasts forever...but really, hiccups like this are why I'm deeply suspicious of our society's apparent decision that physical media are Teh Suck. (I'm sure there's some way I could have saved some of the stuff on the hard drive -- maybe there still is, and I'm all ears, folks -- but I never have to undergo serious technical work for an entire afternoon to recover the music on a CD. I'm just sayin'.)

And the weather? Yeah. The wind this winter is making me batty.


Anonymous said...

Hey there.
The links are freezing my firefox when I try to view your page to the extent that I have to close it down and restart in order to keep browsing.
Just thought you'd like to know, since other might be having the same issue. I'm visiting now using safari.

Belladonna said...

Oh my. I HATE IT when stuff like this happens! My mantra is: "Jesus saves, and so should I", but the truth is I don't back up nearly as often as I should. Reading your post got me feeling a bit vulnerable - time to do some serious file copying to ward of the cyber gremlins!

Anonymous said...

Get a UPS. I need to take my own advice and do that myself. Every time we have a power hiccup I remind myself that we need to get one.