Sunday, January 20, 2008

Missing Mirna....

Wow, I haven't blogged The Amazing Race much at all this go-round, have I? The show's as good as ever, but there weren't any teams that I found really loathsome this time out (unlike, say, Dustin and Kandace from the last two seasons). My favorite team was Kynt and Vixen, the goths in black-and-pink, but they were eliminated two weeks ago when they made a colossal error in not U-Turning a team that they knew to be behind them. My least favorite was the couple eliminated last week, but basically all they did was bicker constantly and treat each other incredibly poorly. They weren't very memorable, and I've already forgotten their names.

This is only my fourth time watching TAR, but this is the first time of those four that the finale sees three teams that I genuinely don't mind racing for the million. While I want TK and Rachel (the hippie-looking couple) to win, it wouldn't bother me at all if the grandson/grandfather or father/daughter duo won.

I don't know when or if the next season is taking place, but I hope it's soon. I imagine that the longer the writers' strike goes on, the more attractive another season of TAR becomes. What would I like to see in future races? I'd love to see more long driving transitions, in which racers are in foreign locales and have to drive themselves not five or six miles within one city, but maybe two hundred miles to another city, maybe even changing countries: they open the clue in Berlin and are told, "Drive to ___ in Prague." Or maybe some new complications: when the episode opens, instead of the clue saying "Fly to Buenes Aires", the clue could feature a clue of some sort to their destination; maybe a photo of a notable building in a city and the words "Fly to the city where this building is located". Or a new complication, which they could call "Pile Up". Only problem is, I'm not sure what would happen in a Pile Up.

Anyhoo, best to the three teams.

UPDATE: Watching the show right now. The final Roadblock is psychotic.

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Buffalopundit said...

In the first season, the clues were actual clues that required the teams to decipher where they were supposed to go. Nowadays, I listen very closely to the clues to see if they revert to that, and I thought they did last night with the clue for the statute of Capt Cook. "Get a Cook's eye view of the...."

And yeah, Phil could have stood there all night explaining it, but I never would have understood what the hell they wanted out of that last roadblock.