Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Domestic Scene in Three Parts

Part One: The Other Day.

I'm sitting at my desk, going through some stuff. The Daughter is playing on the computer. I've just picked up a shopping bag.

THE DAUGHTER: Where's that bag from?

ME: Barnes&Noble.

THE DAUGHTER: Ooooooh. I hate their commercials.

She resumes playing her game. I mull over what she's just said.

ME: Huh?!

Part Two: Last night.

We're driving past McKinley Mall.

ME: Interesting...I'll bet that big area of construction there next to JC Penney is where the new Barnes&Noble is going in.

THE DAUGHTER: Ooooooh. I hate Barnes&Noble! I hate their commercials!

ME: Huh?! What commercials? I've never seen a Barnes&Noble commercial in my life!

THE DAUGHTER: Yeah, they have that creepy bald guy.

ME: Uhhhh...OK.

Part Three: Our bedroom this morning.

The Wife and I are talking about lots of stuff.

ME: And what was up with her rant about Barnes and Noble's commercials? Have you ever seen a Barnes&Noble commercial?

THE WIFE: Nope. Can't say that I have.

ME: And it wasn't just that -- she described the commercial! She said it had a creepy bald guy!

THE WIFE: Bald guy? Ooooooh!


THE WIFE: (triumphantly) Cellino and Barnes!


ME: Oh, wow....


Aaron said...

Hilarious. I had to click through to get it, but I love it.

Bill said...

Ubiquitous, perhaps, but I can't say I find Steve creepy. And I'm glad he got his friend back-- don't they look happy?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I hope you will take that lovely child to Barnes & Noble soon and show her that there is no creepy bald guy. (Of course, it might be bad if a creepy bald guy just happened to be there at the same time as you and your daughter.)