Wednesday, November 13, 2002

We adults -- especially those of us lumped into "Generation X" -- may lament the wonderful children's TV shows that were on when we were kids, shows like Electric Company and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (still on, but no longer in production). But there are some really fine shows out there these days, primarily on PBS. (Note to Republicans: Don't even think of trying to kill PBS, the way you did last time you swept the mid-terms!) These are a couple of new favorites in our household:

:: Caillou. This is a show about a four-year-old boy named Caillou (pronounced "Kye-you", some kind of French name) and his family. What I like about this show is the way it depicts a normal family and the normal things that Caillou learns about as he goes through life. I haven't yet figured out, though, why Caillou is bald when everyone else in his family -- including little sister Rosie -- have full heads of hair.

:: Between the Lions. Now this is a clever show. Aimed at literacy and hosted by some muppet-like lions, the show has a number of clever recurring segments like "Gawain's Word" ("Wayne's World", get it?) in which an armored knight unveils a new word, and a segment featuring "The Word Doctor: Dr. Ruth Wordheimer", starring the real Dr. Ruth. There's good stuff here.

:: Liberty's Kids. This one's a bit over-the-head of our three-year-old, but she still likes it. It's set during the Revolutionary War and tells the story of a trio of kids who are journalists for a newspaper done by Ben Franklin (voiced, utterly appropriately, by Walter Cronkite). The show actually examines some of the issues in the American Revolution, at a fun and basic level.

There are a bunch of other good shows out there as well. TV for kids isn't all about Pokemon and the Disney Channel, so check out PBS!!

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