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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Centus

I never got around to last week's prompt, because last Saturday was unusually hectic and then I forgot about it until just now. So I'll do a two-fer in this post. First, my use of last week's prompt:

It was already over ninety degrees at 7:00 a.m., and the road stretched out before them, heading straight into the sun. The mountains were behind them, and the dry, deserted lowlands were next. Joe floored the gas of the old Ford pickup, and Joleen sighed.

"There was a sign back there," Joleen said. "And the sign read--"

"Too late for that," Joe said. "This old girl's either got 400 miles left in her, or she don't."

Joleen went back to staring out the window. She remembered an old joke: "Ford: Found On Road Dead". She laughed, humorlessly.

399 miles to go.

And now, my use of this week's prompt, wherein we are also commanded to only use 25 words, not including the words in the prompt itself. I'm a bit political here, but I make no apologies:

"Thou shalt let them marry," said Jesus. "A new commandment? Why? They're getting it on their own."

"They're slow about it," said God. "And I'm not getting any younger."


The Woodswoman said...

Joleen made me smile but GOD made me laugh. It's a FORD ... super tale. Bless her heart, understand her very well!! And then .... what is there to say. Really good job.

Judie said...

I'm definitely with Woodswoman on this! Good job!!!!

Nonna Beach said...

Great 2-fer ! I always get a kick out of everything you write !

cj Schlottman said...

Great take on both prompts. I especially liked "Ford, Found on the Road Dead!"


Jaquandor said...

CJ: You've never heard that? Here are two others: "Fix Or Repair Daily" and (profanity alert) "F***ed Over Rebuilt Dodge".

Wanderer said...

Oh! Now I'm going to have to go back to find your others! Good job.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I like them! Think I took that road trip though:@)

jeff campbell said...

Quite clever on both accounts...gotta love that humor ;-) Peace and blessings

jfb57 said...

What a clever post! Brill!

Ames said...

My man never reads signs either. ~Ames

Anonymous said...

My dad, a confirmed Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler driver, somehow ended up as a mechanic at a Ford dealership. He always said "ford = fix or repair daily".

Jingle said...

fundamental fiction, well done.

Dazee Dreamer said...

First. The sign one, great, great, great. My husband is not good at noticing the signs. I feel for her.

Second. God's not getting any younger. Such an awesome use of the prompt.

Sue said...

Unique and original.


Leo said...

God has some sense of humor! LOL! :D

Daydreamertoo said...

Great 2 for 1.
Loved God not getting any younger, I used to have a Ford Taurus station wagon....til it fell apart.
soul Speak

Anna said...

Great takes on both prompts; but my favourite is about the presumably ill-fated ride through the desert.
Well done!
Best wishes,

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Tina said...

i like the idea of god pondering up there over a new commandment. nice story idea

My Centus

Jenny said...

A 2-fer from you is truly a bonus!

I always heard Ford was 'Fix or Repair Daily'. Your little ditty is much funnier.

And the second was definitely some food for thought!

Very cool links this week.

You have such creative vision in what you do!