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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The lady or the tiger?

I heart Lee overalls!, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

Remember the short story where the Prince aspires to the Princess's hand, so the King has the Prince stand before two doors, one of which leads to the Princess and marriage whilst the other leads to a really hungry tiger? And how the story ends as the Prince chooses his door and opens it? And how the story leaves unanswered the question as to which door he opened?


OK, forget it.

(On a more boring note, I'd love to be able to wear these overalls in public, but there's a hole in the butt. No, I didn't split them, they came that way when I bought them on eBay.)


Belladonna said...

Thought I'd mention that I dig the new masthead (may not be THAT new, I admit I've been a slacker blog pal of late.) Although I do still get nostalgic and miss the lady with the fishing gear by the river. Just sayin.

Belladonna said...

Hey Kelly, Check out the pics over at
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart

Specifically, the 4th photo down.
Know I saw that and thought of you.