Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The Terrible Dee-oh-gee

Cane is a terrible dog. I know he doesn't look like a terrible dog, but he is.

Sometimes a brief respite in the grass is nice. #Cane #DogsOfInstagram #greyhound #KnoxFarm #EastAurora #wny

Today when I got home from work, he was outside with The Wife as she was hanging laundry on the line. I came outside and he did the whole "Yay! You're home!" thing, and then he ran a bit and did his business in the corner out by the fence and ran some more and pressed up against me for pets and ear-rubs and all that sort of jazz. Then he went back inside, and I came in with The Wife. We chatted a minute or two about our days, and then I noticed Cane standing near the refrigerator. See, when he comes back inside from doing something, often times he'll get a dog biscuit. Not always, but probably most times. We keep the biscuits atop the fridge. So I noted him standing there grinning at me, and I fetched him a biscuit, which he happily took off to his bed and munched on.

Whereupon The Wife starts laughing and says, "He just totally played you."

I asked, "What are you talking about?"

And she replies, "I gave him a biscuit two minutes before you did! He just had two biscuits in two minutes!"

I looked at Cane, shocked at his conniving behavior. He seemed unmoved by my outrage.

And that is why Cane is a terrible, terrible, terrible dog.

Cane connived me into giving him his second biscuit in two minutes. Because he's a weasel. #Cane #DogsOfInstagram #greyhound


mylittlegeekery said...

Truly a dangerous creature right there. He's one to be fearful of. His telepathic powers are great. All hail the canine overlord.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Mind control? OMG! My dog is KILGRAVE!!!!

fillyjonk said...

Terrible dog, maybe, but he certainly would be a good cat.

Maybe your cats have been giving him lessons?

(We had a cat that would do the histrionic "I am SIMPLY dying of HUNGERRRR" thing shortly after being fed; more than once he conned the unsuspecting into feeding him.)