Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A Very Public Service Message

I'm heading into what will almost certainly be a very busy couple of months, in terms of writing: it's time to get going on prepping The Wisdomfold Path for publication, and I'm also going to keep working daily on Lighthouse Boy (not the actual title), because I don't want to lose momentum on that book yet again. That being the case, there will likely be a drop in posting frequency here. However, I will not declare a hiatus or disappear entirely, because that would be bogus!

As always, I can be found frequenting Twitter and Instagram a lot, so if you just gotta have a dose of my particular banana oil, there are ways!

And with that, back to the salt mines!

Day 21: Hard at work! Dance on that keyboard, you stupid fingers! #amwriting #amwritingchallenge #overalls


Roger Owen Green said...

You REALLY type that fast?

Kelly Sedinger said...

Roger: Heavens, no! I faked it for the effect in the photo. I do type pretty quickly, but I'm not a blur.

Anonymous said...

Here's some advice.