Monday, September 22, 2014

So this happened....

We adopted a retired racing greyhound.

A dirty secret: I have never been around dogs much at all, having never owned one, and therefore I have always been very uncomfortable around them. I'm a cat person, through and through; some part of me deeply sympathizes and even empathizes with all the Crazy Cat Ladies out there. Dogs are mysterious beasts to me.

But now, we have one. His name is Hurricane. No, that name does not make me less nervous about this whole thing. I'd quite frankly be more comfortable with a fat bulldog named Wilbur, but that just wasn't in the cards.

As I write this, he's been "our dog" for, oh, an hour or so. I'm sitting in my library while he whines from inside his crate. I guess we'll figure this out. The Wife and Daughter are really excited. I'm just thinking I'll hang out over here for a little while. I expect dogs will be like kids for me: actually having one will make me fine with the one we have, but I'm unlikely to be comfortable with others.

So, here's Hurricane.

And here are Lester and Julio not being all that cool with Hurricane quite yet.

This ought to be one of my more interesting autumns, eh?


Roger Owen Green said...

Talk about things that will NEVER happen here...
Dogs are WORK, man. And my cats have (sort of) figured out how to be civil to each other. Nope, so not happening here.

Lynn said...

My sympathies. I got stuck with a dog about a year and half ago because I didn't want to be one of those mean, awful wives that wouldn't let her husband have a dog. Cats fit into your life. Dogs take over your life. I like dogs okay as long as they live at someone else's house.

Jason said...

I've had both dogs and cats in my life (also birds and horses and -- very briefly -- rabbits and even cows). They are different, yes, but I've never understood the binary "either/or" preference thing. Give it a chance. You may be surprised at the value he brings to your life.

Mimi said...

I'm a cat person, with no desire to have a dog at all. However, thank you for rescuing a greyhound, I know that is a greatly needed service.
I'm sorry for giggling at his name.