Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and I thought I'd try it out here, too. So:

Neil Diamond is the William Shatner of popular music.



C. Byrd said...


Will you compare other Star Trek actors to their music counterparts?

Roger Green said...

commenting these days on blogger is also a pain..

Quince said...

Agreed insofar that both are talented artists who have become so addicted to the limelight that they have allowed themselves to remain in it for far to long.

Much like too much sunlight, too much limelight has disasterous consequences: excessive sunlight causes the body to age beyond its years while excessive limelight causes personas to become charicatures of their former selves.

Roger Owen Green said...

anyway, your suggestion about cliicking off a button

Anyway, to the point: Diamond was REALLY GOOD in the 1960s, then got schlocky, with hints of old brilliance now and then.

Shatner is...Shatner.

Lynn said...

I really like Neil Diamond. [she says, in a small, meek voice]

I like William Shatner too of course but I don't see the correlation. Shatner is a bit of a joke but he has embraced his jokedom and made a career of it. Neil Diamond is a joke only to those sad souls who are unable to appreciate his talent.

Doug said...

Shatner, in my view, has re-invented himself in his current career, I can't say Neil Diamond has done that, he's pretty constant.

Mimi said...

I actually agree with Lynn - so much of my childhood is wrapped up with Neil Diamond music, I can't really objectively assess.