Sunday, December 08, 2002

I've made some additions to "Other Journeys" at left.

:: Asymetrical Information (formerly Live From the WTC) by Jane Galt is always interesting, even when I disagree with her -- hell, especially when I disagree with her. I've particularly enjoyed her recent posts about file sharing and the fact that even though it is likely to become more and more prevalent, it will have other effects that aren't going to please the "Information wants to be free" folks who think that the end of intellectual property will lead to some kind of wondrous utopia.

:: CalPundit is, like William Burton, a particularly clear-minded liberal voice I've been enjoying for a month or so. His recent post about the coming Iraq war -- ostensibly a review of the book The Threatening Storm -- is superb, both in its logic and in its writing.

Reading and Writing, by Joseph Duemur, is a fairly intellectual blog by a professor at Clarkson University, located in Pottsdam, NY (roughly a three hour drive, I think, from Syracuse). It's a good blog, and I have to support my fellow Upstate New Yorkers.

:: I wrote a few days ago about Piquant Rants and Sassy Impudence. As noted, I'm totally on the opposite side of her, politically, but I like her "voice" and I greatly admire the project she is now undertaking.

[Edited for an unfortunate misspelling of "Asymetrical".]

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