Thursday, October 17, 2002

Weird Convergences:

Sometimes in the course of my weekly TV viewing, I will notice an odd bit of coincidence involving a guest star on a show, or even a bit player in the background. A case in point happened on this week's episode of NYPDBlue, in which Detectives Jones and Medavoy arrive at a murder scene outside a small market run by an Asian-American man. I probably wouldn't have taken any notice of this Asian-American store owner, except for the fact that this actor also appeared in last year's season finale of The West Wing -- in which he played an Asian-American store owner. It was the store where the Secret Service agent played by Mark Harmon was gunned down when he walked into an armed robbery. So, I end up wondering if it's not just the same actor, but maybe even the same store owner, and I'm thinking, "Man, that guy's seen a lot of violence in and around his store lately."

(I believe that this is evidence of my recent increase in my caffeine intake.)

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