Thursday, October 03, 2002

The new James Bond movie, Die Another Day, has a new trailer now. Like the previous trailers for the film, this one gives very little idea of what the film is about, except that Bond is apparently betrayed and "set up" for something. Judging trailers is dangerous business, but so far all three trailers for DAD have me thinking that the new Bond film doesn't look much like a Bond film.

One thing that intrigued me, though: a snippet of Bond interacting with John Cleese, the new "Q". Bond says something like, "So this is where the old things are" -- and we can see, in the background, the one-man jet plane that Bond used in the teaser-sequence to Octopussy, and we also see another brief shot of Bond slipping underwater with something in his mouth that looks like the miniature rebreather that he used in Thunderball. I rather like the idea of Bond using an old gadget or two, if I've read the signs in the trailer correctly.

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