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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Let us have no more!

Kinda-sorta meta-political rant below the fold. And concealed, so highlight the text if you really want to read it. (I do not recommend this.)

About a month ago I decided to stop reading political blogs almost entirely. I removed all of the links to political blogs from my blogroll, and I deleted all political blog RSS feeds from my Google Reader set-up. I only kept two other blogs that maintain political comment, because both are by local guys I like a lot and have met on occasion; but I dumped those, too, from Google Reader when their outfit decided to switch their RSS feeds to providing summaries only. (I hate being forced to click through to read something. It's annoying and an obvious ploy to get actual page loads, not unlike publications online that break articles into multiple pages when they obviously don't really need to, and obviously only do it so their ads reload each time you click to the next page.)

I wandered into the comments thread of one of those the other day, and this particular blog's comments are always predictable, in that within four or five comments, the resident libertarian will chime in to indicate that the entire issue discussed in the post, no matter what issue it is, would go away if we just let the market fix it. And sure enough, this guy chimed in to say -- and this is not an unfair paraphrasing, either -- that we wouldn't need political parties in the US at all if we could all just agree to be libertarians!

I just can't do political discourse anymore, folks. I simply do not have the wherewithal to process the stupid things that people believe anymore, and I have zero interest anymore in contributing to "the discussion". What's gonna happen is gonna happen; I'm just going to keep living my life, reading and writing about what interests me, and I'm going to try to stop living in the increasingly fruitless hope that one day I'll be able to honestly say that the most liberal President of my life, in terms of policy, actually wasn't Richard F***ing Milhous Nixon.

(And don't get me started on the 9-11-01 conspiracy shit that is filling up my Facebook feed.)


Buffalopundit said...

Your tolerance for dopey glibertarian comments would be enhanced if only you would take the words of the esteemed Ayn Rand and Friedrick Hayek and let the market decide what's "dopey"!

Roger Owen Green said...

You inspired a blog post