Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day!!!

UPDATE 3/14/2019

I see this post is getting a lot of traffic all of a sudden, so if you like this sort of goofiness, check out my similar post from last year, which features a newer video in which I may or may not get pied. (Spoiler: I get pied.) Happy Pi Day, everyone!

UPDATED below!

Yes, it's Pi Day, 3-14, the funnest of all the various goofy geeky holidays! (Well, May 4 -- Star Wars Day -- is right up there.)


I posted the earlier material to hold this space until I had my own material ready to go. I didn't properly observe Pi Day last year, so I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice!

Pi Day preview: The pie, ready for dispatch! #piday #whippedcream

Final Pi Day preview! The last second, Prismafied. Video and other stuff tomorrow! #piday #pieintheface #pieinface #pieface #splat #pietotheface #overalls #vintage #Lee #bluedenim #dungarees #denim #rawdenim #doubledenim

Pi Day impact, close-up

And the final bit of #piday content for this year! Aftermath, Prismafied. Huzzah! #pieintheface

(These photos have been modified with an app called Prisma that makes nifty "artistic" images out of source photos.)

Happy Pi Day 2017!!!

Happy Pi Day, everyone!!!!!

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Lynn said...

Thanks. I love these, especially the first one.