Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter





[looks at feet]


[checks phones for messages I know aren't there]


[clears throat]

Yeah, I got nothin' today. What's up with you, folks?


Lynn said...

Yeah... I've been sort of like that all week. I keep thinking, I have GOT to post something so my handful of readers won't abandon me," but...
well, you see... I couldn't even finish that sentence.

Roger Owen Green said...

I got plenty to write, not enough time to write. Seen two movies I haven't reviewed, haven't finished my end of the month post. I'm always more interested in writing the new thing; tomorrow's post I wrote today. I feel scattered. And cold.

fillyjonk said...

Well, I totally blanked on the time of my first class. I was remembering it as 9 am, so at five minutes to nine, I picked up my books and headed down the hall, ready to teach.

Walked into my classroom. Realized none of the faces were familiar. Thought I walked into the wrong room, went next door.

One of my colleagues was already beginning her class.

Then I realized: 10 am, not 9 am.

I feel like an idiot but I would have felt like a bigger idiot if it had been the other way 'round and I had walked in at 10 for a class that was to start at 9.

mylittlegeekery said...

Um... Not so much here either.