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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Some lazy linkage for a snowy Thursday evening:

:: Lynn Sislo hasn't posted in several days. As she lives in Oklahoma, I assume that this is due to the ice storm they had in those parts. I hope she's back online soon.

:: Do check out this wonderful article about visual injokes in Pixar's movies. I love stuff like this.

:: I suppose I should start reading Terry Pratchett sometime soon. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

:: When I become Supreme Ruler of Teh Universe, my first decree will be that all gas stations shall be one-way only, and that it will be illegal to swing your car into the opposite direction just because the one open pump is on the opposite side of your car as the gas cap. I am really tired of trying to figure out how to line up for a pump, when more often than not, the cars at the pumps will be facing me no matter which way I queue up.

:: Via Michael May I see that Joss Whedon's not done with the Firefly universe, and will tell more stories there in the best medium for the job: comics. In fact, he's apparently already done a comic of Firefly; I'll have to track that down. It's called Those Left Behind; the new one will be called Better Days. Cool. (Note to self: finish watching Firefly and then watch Serenity one of these days.)


Anonymous said...

When you are ruler of the universe and implement your one way gas station policy, please make sure that you also implement a left (or right) side of the car only gas filler cap policy. My wife's Ford is on the left; my Mazda's is on the right.

Roger Owen Green said...

What he said. I STILL don't remember from one car to another.

Call me Paul said...

I keep meaning to pick up some Pratchett to read, but I keep forgetting. I'm sorry, was that in bad taste?