The Voices of Byzantium (My Master Blogroll)

This is the blogroll for Byzantium's Shores. Feel free to peruse any or all of the blogs on this list, for they are all worthwhile.

Those Who Have Shared My Campfire

I'm Into Grace
A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Voyagers from Neighboring Lands

Ramblin' with Roger

The Voices in the Tavern

Adventures in Juggling
All Things Jennifer
Back of the Cereal Box

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness
Clarence Grad 1972
Cold Antler Farm

Confessions of a Half-Breed Prince
Cultural Compulsive Disorder
The Dragon's Tales
Eclectic Banana
Electronic Cerebrectomy

Erin Go Blog
Fillyjonk's Progress
A Fool in the Forest
Grateful Dating
Hunter at Random

Ken Jennings
Lance Mannion

Mind Muffins
Nancy Nall
Outside Counsel
Tosy and Cosh
Violins and Starships

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Silver Quill

Adventures in Fiction
Antick Musings of GBH Hornswoggler, Gent.
Brian Castner
By Ken Levine
A Distant Soil

Filling the Well
Neil Gaiman
Gossamer Obsessions

Making Light
Michael May's Adventureblog

Notes from Coode Street
Paperback Writer
Tansy Rayner Roberts
Rules for Anchorites

Sheila O'Malley: The Sheila Variations
SK Waller
Simple Tricks and Nonsense

Charles Stross
Wil Wheaton

Harpers, Pipers, and Voices Raised in Song

The Fredosphere
Iron Tongue of Midnight
Jessica Duchen

Musical Perceptions
Notes from the Kelp
Of Music and Men

On an Overgrown Path
Alex Ross
Greg Sandow
Thoughtful Gestures

In the Temple of the Muses

Art, Movies, Wood and Whatnot
About Last Night
Adventures in Nerdliness
Adventures in Reading

Asking the Wrong Questions
The Blog o'Cheese
Book Moot
Book Scorpion's Lair

Bookishly Boisterous
Chris's Invincible Super-Blog
City Comforts

Comics Curmudgeon
Erudite Ogre
Eve's Alexandria
Fantasy Book Critic
Fantasy Hotlist

Felice's Log
The Frodo Franchise
The Galaxy Express
Geek with Curves
Hobo Trashcan

The House Next Door
Howling Curmudgeons
I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book
Living Between Wednesdays

More Words, Deeper Hole
The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films
Musings of a Sci-Fi Fanatic
No Smoking in the Skull Cave
Porky's Expanse
Roger Ebert

SciFi Scanner
Self-Styled Siren
SF Signal

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery
Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!
Something Old, Nothing New
The Thrilling Wonder Story
Tor Books

The View from the Foothills
Walker of Worlds
Wolf Gnards
Wonders in the Dark
Written World

The Children of Copernicus

Amused Muse
Bad Astronomy
Blog Around the Clock
Cosmic Variance

Look Out, It's Evil!
Open the Future
Sentient Developments
Universe Today

The Temple Mosaicists

Francis Tsai
The Main Art Blog @ 1968
Robert John Guttke

Artisans and Guildsfolk

A Concord Carpenter
Cool Tools
The Hardware Aisle
Stu's Shed

Tool Snob

The Chroniclers

the art of memory
The Big Picture
Bits and Pieces
My First Dictionary

passive-agressive notes
Strange Maps

The Wearers of the Sacred Garment

Art in Overalls
Blahwg! Life on the Farm
Bless Our Hearts

Brooklyn Home Companion
The Creager Studios
Creating Art in the Burbs

Elizabeth Nolan Brown
Farmgirl Fare
Gratitude Journal

Inverse Candlelight
Mental Multivitamin
Not Quite June Cleaver
Painter Girl

Plato's Harvest Organic Farm
Street Cake

Tallahassee Food Gardens
...this time tomorrow...
Wahsega Valley Farm
The World Needs More Pie

(Last updated 14 August 2010: Many additions.)

My blogroll policy: This blogroll is more intended as a resource for myself, since I still prefer to do my blog reading the "old-fashioned" way -- i.e., by visiting blogs directly. I do use BlogLines as a feed aggregator, but I don't subscribe to very many feeds as I mainly use that site to follow blogs quickly when I'm on break at work.

I tend to be fairly reciprocal in linking blogs from here, since most times a blog that links me turns out to be one I'd like to read anyway. I don't keep this list on the main page mainly for space reasons; it's become so long over the years that it would simply make the sidebar on the main page way longer than it needs to be. Plus, editing the blogroll is much easier within the body of a post than on the blog's master template.

I'm not super-rigorous about culling my blogroll for blogs that have gone inactive, but I do go through it maybe once a month or once every two months. With few exceptions -- i.e., I know the blogger personally -- if a blog has been inactive for more than two months as of the date I'm checking it out, I remove it from the blogroll. However, I do maintain a folder in my bookmarks for inactive blogs, so if I remove your blog from this list due to inactivity and you subsequently resume posting, feel free to e-mail me that you're active again. I do go through my "Inactive Blogs" bookmarks occasionally, but it could take a while. However, if blogs remain inactive for a year or more, I tend to delete the bookmarks from the folder, so if it's been that long before you resume blogging, you'll need to e-mail me to let me know you're back.

Finally, I should probably explain my blogroll categories and what they mean:

1. Those Who Have Shared My Campfire: These are blogs by people whom I knew in person before they launched their blogs, or before I learned they had blogs. (This does not imply that people whom I met through blogging can't become personal friends as well. This category refers simply to the order of how things went.)

2. Ships Flying the Flag of Buffalo: As of 10 June 2008, I've removed this category. For good or ill, I don't read too many Buffalo-based blogs anymore; the sense of community in the "Buffalo blogosphere" is long gone and it's not coming back, so this category no longer seems useful to me.

3. Voyagers from Neighboring Lands: Upstate New Yorkers but not from Western New York.

4. The Voices in the Tavern: "Personal" blogs. These blogs can be about anything and everything.

5. The Voices of Faction: Political blogs. Almost exclusively liberal. (I deleted this category on 21 May 2011, as part of my decision to no longer devote any effort to following politics.)

6. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Silver Quill: Blogs by writers, either professional or aspiring.

7. Harpers, Pipers, and Voices Raised in Song: Music blogs. Mostly classical at this point.

8. In the Temple of the Muses: Blogs which are focused on general commentary on the arts or popular culture, with all the requisite overlap therein.

9. The Children of Copernicus: My final category gathers blogs whose content is primarily based on science.

10. The Temple Mosaicists: The newest category, as of May 2007. Here I'll put blogs by visual artists.

11. Artisans and Guildsfolk: Blogs about stuff you learned about in shop class.

12. The Chroniclers: These are blogs that specialize in the gathering of examples of a specific type of thing.

13. The Wearers of the Sacred Garment: These are bloggers who proudly wear their overalls. We few, we happy few!