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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Oh yeah, today's Wednesday, innit? Sorry!

You're with some people, and you all chip in for pizza. When it comes down to a single slice you eat it? (I saw this question someplace else this week. Apparently this is one of those social conundra.)


Tayna L said...

You ask "Anyone else want anymore pizza?" if the answer is no, enjoy! If the answer is yes, offer to cut the last piece in half and share.

SK Waller said...

I can't eat more than one slice anyway so, no. But if I could eat more I'd still leave it for someone else.

Roger Owen Green said...

What Tayna said

Lynn said...

Now, no because I don't eat as much pizza as I used to. 20 years ago, I'd wait a few minutes to give everyone else a chance and then if no one took it I would.

Michael May said...

Wait a while. If no one goes for it, ask if anyone wants it. If so, let them have it.

For me, it's almost never because I actually want it and almost always about not throwing away food. Working on getting over that.