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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

(Sorry, I had this saved in Draft and forgot to publish it.)

You're in charge of planning a big time-period specific costume party. You get to pick the time period, and further, let's assume that everyone will be able to attend looking fully period-specific. What period (or historical locale) do you choose?


Michael May said...

18th century. All those dresses, long coats, and wigs!

SK Waller said...

The Sixties, baby!

Quince said...

Late 18th century early 19th century England. BUT people would be assigned costumes. All socio economic classes would have to be represented. I think it would be a very stunning visual.

Mimi said...

The Roaring 20s. Mostly so I could buy a cloche :)