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Thursday, February 13, 2014


I've "hated" Evgeni Plushenko for years...not really, but in that sense of "hate" in which, if you were a Bills fan during the 1980s and 1990s, you "hated" Dan Marino, or in the way I "hate" Tom Brady now. You "hate" the guy who wins a ton while committing the crime of not being your guy.

But damn, Evgeni Plushenko has been a hell of a skater and competitor for a long time, and it's a shame that he didn't get to go out on the ice, but because he was -- as many athletes become -- just too damned banged up to keep going. And imagine being a football player and realizing you simply cannot go out on the field, minutes before kickoff in the Super Bowl. That's what happened to Plushenko: he was warming up for his Olympic short program, but wasn't happening.

Yeah, I "hated" Evgeni Plushenko. But damn, what a career he had! Good luck to him in the future!


Andy McBride said...

There is one guy that no professional athlete has EVVVVVVVER beaten, and his name is FATHER TIME!!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

I watched that after your post. It was sad.

Jackie B. said...

After what happened in the Vancouver Olympics, I was not a fan of Plushenko's either. Then in these Olympics, I gave him a second chance and he astonished the hell out of me. I dedicated a post one of my blogs to him, but I agree. He deserved better than going out the way he did.