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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday Centus (Sunday edition)

Most of yesterday was taken up by the various festivities and comings-and-goings related to going to see a friend of mine get married (Huzzah!), so I'm a day late with this week's prompt. This time it's a photo prompt:

I'm sorry, Mr. Sauron, but there's no eyedrop that will help you with that.

That's all I got, folks!


Emma Major said...

Sorry and sweet but it made me smile, thanks, I'm so pleased someone else thought LOTR when they saw the picture.
Emma at

Karen S. said...

It works for me! I hope you had a fabulous day at the wedding!

Gail said...

Good enough!!!

siggiofmaine said...

I'm with the others, you got what you got !
Thanks for sharing.☺

Lisa said...

LOL Love it :-)

Lisa said...

LOL I love it :-)

Jenny said...

Love it! Hope the wedding was fun!

Thanks for the laugh!