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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something for Thursday

You know what, folks? It's sunny and cool in Buffalo (for now, anyway -- rain and chillier temps are in the forecast), I'm taking today through Monday off from work, The Wife and I are escaping town tomorrow evening (without The Kid!) for my Belated Birthday Bacchanalia (The Wife almost always works on my birthday, so we usually postpone a few days) which includes our yearly trip to Ithaca for the Apple Harvest Festival, and some other stuff's going on that has me happy as a clam,'s a bit of infectious 80s bubblegum!


Mimi said...

Have a great getaway!

Kelly Sedinger said...

Thanks! It'll be a great time.

Roger Owen Green said...

are clams REALLY happy?

love the red sneakers in the video.