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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME!

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: I don't normally use content from Cracked.com in this series, not because I don't love Cracked.com, because boy howdy I do, but because it's too easy. I could rely on Cracked.com exclusively and never want for content for the Sunday Burst, and that would just be too darn easy. But once in a while I've just got to link something from there. Such as this list of hilarious bootleg toys. My favorite, by far, is this bootleg Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. What's so funny about this? Watch the video.

I'm pretty sure that what the Woody doll says was never, ever, ever uttered in the Toy Story universe, much less any of the three movies featured there!

:: I'm not sure that I'll ever get to Prague, so this will help matters a bit.

:: I'm also unlikely to ever get to Buenos Aires -- my inability to speak Argentinian is a problem -- which makes me sad, after I saw this bookstore. (via)

More next week!

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