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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sentential Links #243


:: Is it possible that you get to a point where you own so many tools that you forget what you own? (Yup, it's possible. I've never bought new versions of tools I already own, but I have done jobs with the wrong tool only to discover later on that I own the right tool, and I then realize, "Huh, this would have made that job a lot easier.")

:: There’s a poetry here; dust from a local storm blowing a few kilometers above, but translucent enough to allow us to see beyond it to a different kind of dust blowing among the stars. (The video over there is amazing. For God's sake, go watch it.)

:: How dare anyone say that Game of Thrones is “boy fiction.” What a crude and useless phrase. I am proof that it is not the case, and I am not alone.

:: This leaves the most important issue. Is this the masterpiece of modern fantasy literature that it’s made out to be? No, not even close. (An older post, but I saw it for the first time this week. He's writing about George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. I'll probably re-read the series sometime in the next year, but my general view right now is that the first two books are really good, the third one's pretty good, and the fourth was a disappointing slog. We'll see what happens in the fifth, I suppose. Maybe.)

:: How many times are the going to try and make the same movie? They made it right the first time.

:: There’s such an utter disconnect with reality that AMERICAN IDOL has become the O.J. murder trial with a band. (It's funny: this is the third article I've read in a couple of days ripping on this season of American Idol, and yet, each writer has a different view of who's good and who sucks. That's kind of funny, to me.)

:: You can walk away from the things you never really liked doing in the first place.

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