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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She dances!

Last night I saw a sudden spurt of traffic here, all directed to this post I wrote a few years ago about Star Trek's Lieutenant Saavik, an intriguing character who wasn't handled particularly well back in the 1980s. I wondered why I was seeing this traffic spike...and then I realized that it was because Kirstie Alley is on Dancing with the Stars. Hopefully she sticks around a while -- I could use the weekly bump in numbers! Kirstie Alley! Kirstie Alley! Kirstie Alley! Kirstie Alley!

It's kind of like how I get a traffic bump whenever an episode of Big Bang Theory airs in which Melissa Rauch appears as Bernadette. Melissa Rauch! Melissa Rauch! Melissa Rauch! Melissa Rauch!

OK, I'm done whoring for attention now.

1 comment:

Atlanta Roofing said...

I think Ralph and Kirstie will hold the audience’s attention, Kendra and the Disney girl also did well. Wendy Williams was the only person who I thought needed to loosen up!