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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Saturday Centus

I know, I know. A day late. Yesterday was a pretty busy one, though, so I didn't get around to mulling over this week's prompt until late, and I didn't start writing until this morning. So here it is. I stuck with science fiction again. The best SF stories, for me, are still about what any good story is about: people. Anyway, here it is, with the prompt in bold.

“Your purpose on Mars?” asked Martian Entry Agent Miguel Martinez.

“Work,” James Nelson replied. “None on Earth. There is on Mars.”

“M-hm.” Agent Martinez finished searching the Nelsons’ baggage. James sighed with relief. “Any illegal contraband requires immediate force-return to Earth,” the sign said. Families had been sent back for the smallest things in their transpo-crates.

Emily, James’s daughter, squirmed in his wife Molly’s arms. “Shhh,” she said.

Now Martinez was scanning the Nelsons’ purple entry-and-work visa. Everything depended on this single card: one problem with their purple card, and it was back to Earth.

“Pass through,” Martinez said.

James exhaled. The Nelsons were immigrants now.


Kat said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nice, original and imaginative take on the prompt. Well done. Kat

Jo said...

I am totally not a sci-fi girl ... but geez, i'm getting quite fond of your sci-fi takes on the prompts ... what a wonderful imagination!

Nonna Beach said...

Very well done !!!

Imaginative, suspenseful and mirrors the news stories/issues happening now. I love a good SciFi story too !

Sue said...

Glad their papers were in order!

I'm really enjoying you sci-fi stuff.


5thsister said...

I agree with's always interesting visiting your place and reading what you come up with.

Poetic Justice said...

Loved it, love that you do the sci-fi take on it, and you do it so well. Nice write!

Deborah said...

Very clever ... brilliantly done!

Judie said...

Wow! Yet another different take on the prompt! Mine was way too mundane. Brava to you!!

Karen S. said...

oh heavens yes! the scary purple card...who would have thought...great take on prompt! love your blog photo in header!

cj Schlottman said...

You sci-fi folks have sizable imaginations! I really enjoyed this piece. Your concrete images make it very visual.


Jenny said...

Absolutely, totlly, completely my favorite SC this week! I love the way you took something familiar to my memory and pushed it far into the future.

I envisioned other less 'lucky' families being turned away.

I envisioned a laser projected Mars Statue of Liberty of sorts projected into the center of a cavernous room aka Ellis Island.



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