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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME! (Monday edition)

Day late, because I spent most of yesterday drooling and clicking stuff with my mouse. Oh well...oddities and Awesome abound!

:: I'm not the biggest fan of Martha Stewart in the world, but I'm a much bigger fan now than when I used to be. Generally, I used to hate her and found her insanely phony, but after she went to jail, I warmed up to her. Go figure. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that our society is run by white-collar criminals who rack up insane profits, drive our economy to near ruin, and then lather, rinse and repeat, while Stewart makes a relative pittance illegally and goes to jail. Anyway, there's something about Martha Stewart that I find more palatable now than I used to.

Of course, it could just be that I have to admire someone who keeps the skull of one of her enemies right in her kitchen!

"Go ahead, send me to jail. Later on, I'll decorate my house with your bones! It's a good thing!"

Yay, Martha!

:: Do check out this wonderful slide-show of literary watering holes.

:: Here's a twisted collection of Presidential trivia from Possibly not safe for work, and in general, I find to be one of the most insidious time-wasters anywhere on the Internet. I cannot go there without following links to stuff for at least twenty minutes, so beware!

More next week!


Jedediah said...

You mean you can leave after only 20 minutes? I'm impressed.

Jaquandor said...

With an immense amount of effort, yes. I usually don't put that much effort into it, though, so I end up reading "just one more article" until bam!, I notice that it's dark out and I have no lights on and it's time to make dinner.

Kerry said...

I am going to ask my friend about that skull. She is a serious Martha fan, and one of Martha's personally selected VIP bloggers.

And the Brazen Head is a terrific spot. Sure, you meet a lot of tourists, but if you go during off-peak hours, you never know who you might end up talking to. Just imagine the stories that place has heard in the past 800+ years.

SK Waller said...

That skull bit is a little creepy. I'm with you re: Martha. Never liked her until she went up the river. She got the shaft because she was a woman playing a big boys game.

LOVE the literary watering holes. But...but... they forgot my pub!

Roger Owen Green said...

yeah, I'm w you on Martha. She was really irritating, but she got shafted legally.

Roger Owen Green said...

Apropos of nothing, Sela Ward.