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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sentential Links #234

Here we go....

:: Do not - and I repeat, DO NOT (Note within note: This is bolded, Self!) - share this story with anyone, as your klutzy behavior is a tad embarrassing, even to me. Let them all think that last post went flawlessly, and you were off for an exciting, exotic trip in record time.

:: Birds are everywhere in Mount Auburn; this is why I first came here, to watch them. I could barely see the stones for the warblers, vireos and tanagers. Now, having seen a surfeit of birds, I still come here for them, and everything.

:: Now, you'd think that every issue of Wonder Woman would be a "Women's Lib Issue." But this is 1972, the Equal Rights Amendment and "women's lib" is on everybody's tongue, and you just know this story is going to be so monumentally ham-fistedly-topical-yet-not-in-any-way-seriously-challenging-the-status-quo that it would probably make my mind explode.

:: Anyway, Joan is 70 today, and I thought I needed to acknowledge that.

:: There is, I would claim, something almost indescribably profound about this lack of resignation to that which is most inevitable.

:: In 1826 a couple of guys opened a restaurant there. They built a half circle shaped oyster bar. Sitting where we were, in booth #1, I could look at the old bar and imagine Daniel Webster sitting there as he often did, slamming brandy and downing plate after plate of oysters. Up on the second floor is booth #18, John F. Kennedy's favorite spot. (I've been to Boston a bunch of times, but never to this place. Next time....)

:: So I went to the release page for it, and when I saw the distance, I was shocked: that galaxy’s not big, it’s freaking huge.

More next week.

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Roger Owen Green said...

It's strange that there are places - Boston being one of them, and Montreal is another - that I so totally associate with my ex that I haven't been there since. Hmmm...