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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jets 38, Bills...a lot less than 38.

A new week, a new opponent, a new game...and the same result for our lovely Bills fan.

What it feels like to be a Bills fan these days

Sigh...although I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the game, really. I stepped out to do a bit of shopping before the game started, so I didn't tune in until the 2nd quarter was underway. Turns out I didn't miss much. A few notes:

:: For some reason, it seemed like the color was off on my teevee, because a lot of the reds were showing up a vibrant pink. Turned out that they were actually pink. There was a lot of pink stuff at the Stadium today, from the players' shoes and gloves and even their towels, to the pom-poms held by the cheerleaders, even to the cords for the refs' whistles. This was apparently a "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" thing, as that month is October.

:: I still think that any possible bright spots for this team are to be found on the offensive side of the ball.

:: But that's kind of like saying "Hmmmm, the turd floating in that punch bowl seems a bit smaller and less stinky than the turd floating in this punch bowl." I like the effort that receivers Steve Johnson and David Nelson display, and obviously CJ Spiller is a star waiting to happen. Hopefully he's still got something in the tank when the Bills finally manage to put together a team capable of controlling the line of scrimmage.

:: Ryan Fitzpatrick tries really hard to play like an NFL quarterback. He's got the mindset. He doesn't have the physical tools. That's a shame.

:: I've never hated Dan Deirdorf as a color guy, personally, even though I've never once met anyone else who didn't think he was a giant windbag. But today he said something so dumb that it really caught my attention. LaDanian Tomlinson raced right up the middle for a long TD run (25 yards or thereabouts), on which Donte Whitner completely whiffed. Deirdorf then said, "Donte Whitner is one of the best tacklign safeties in the NFL." How the CBS Sports people let him say stuff like that without fining or firing him is beyond me. Whitner is not, and has never been, a good tackler. What Whitner does well is...yeah, we'll get back to you when we figure out what that is.

:: The Bills gave linebacker Chris Kelsay a contract extension last week for quite a lot of money. He then promptly went out onto the field and did what he always does: miss the play, each time. Why they felt the need to extend his deal is one of the great mysteries right now of Buffalo sports.

:: Buffalo's secondary did a lot of trash-talking before the season as to how good they thought they could be. Four games in: zero INTs, lots of bad tackling, bad coverage all around. Yes, a pass rush would help them. No, the Bills do not have a pass rush. None of that matters.

:: 2011 Draft First Overall Pick Watch: the Cleveland Browns got into the 'win' column today, which makes the Bills the last remaining team in the AFC with zero wins. In the NFC, the 49ers, Lions, and Panthers are all sitting on 0-4 records, just like the Bills, so Buffalo still has to continue losing in order to stay at the top of the First Overall Pick heap. Now, assuming that this group of teams forms the top of the draft pecking order in some way, the Bills can still get a break, even if they draft fourth behind San Fran, Detroit and Carolina, since each of those teams already has the quarterback they probably want to go ahead with (barring a career-ending injury to Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford or Jimmy Clausen, respectively). Yes, Cleveland might be dangerous to move into that group as well, but they've got one win already...and they play the Bills later this season, so they've got at least a 2-14 season in the bag! Let's go Bills! Keep that season circling the drain!!!

:: Next week: the Jaguars come to town, bringing Buffalo's recently-jettisoned former starting quarterback, Trent Edwards, along for the ride. The Jags aren't usually all that great, but they're coming to Buffalo, folks. Better get ready for some more pie!


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