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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sentential Links #142

OK, so we're a day late. You get what you pay for on this blog, folks! Not that many this week, though, owing to my lack of presence on Teh Interweb.

:: Today I ate so much protein, I am one big fat gassy individual. (Icky post warning! But best of luck to Jen on her upcoming gastric bypass. I hope it goes as well as she hopes. Better, even.)

:: I hate it when I'm leaving the house with my backpack, come back to the house to get something I forgot, then lock the door, leaving the backpack inside. (That sound like something I would's Roger's 100 things that bug him!)

:: It turns out that Hardee's, where I'd never eaten before, serves a much better fast food burger than what you get at a McDonald's. (Look what happens when an Ivy League-educated professional political blogger gets out in the real world! Yay!!! And wow, I could go for a Friscoburger right now. Do they still make those? We don't have Hardee's in Buffalo.)

:: You know what’s really romantic? Two people getting married, living an ordinary life and growing old together. Two ninety+ year olds holding hands - that’s romantic. But that doesn’t play well at the box office.

:: Someone very close to me, someone I've always felt was indestructible and someone I love very much was diagnosed with lung cancer on May 13. (Best wishes to Blue Girl and her family.)

:: My hat's off to you, my old friend. Thank you for rescuing me from that awful conservative-talk-radio goon. Thank you for knocking over that busboy. Thank you for everything else, too, from talking me through panic to letting me talk you though your own panic. From protector to needful supplicant, sometimes in the space of a day. (Seems to me that one measure of having had a life well-lived is that, when you die, someone writes something like this about you.)

More next week.

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blue girl said...

Thank you for the link, and thank you for the best wishes, Jaquandor. Appreciated.