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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sentential Links #122

Here we go:

:: It’s amazing that after all this technological progress what the phone companies really want is to bring back the concept of the pay phone: Their vision is to give everyone their very own pay phone where the phone company can hit them up for loose change while the thing is in use. No matter how many gadgets they pack into the phone, aparently the part they miss the most is the one where the user inserts their coins.

:: And it reminded me that every once in a while, a person comes into your world in one grand, gorgeous package, and after you unwrap it, and after all the judgments are made and the stereotypes are in place, you find another grand, gorgeous package.

:: What I don't really get is when people complain about what's on TV nowadays as if TV was somehow better in the past. (It's called "Remembering the hits and forgetting the misses". I'm always deeply suspicious of claims as to how much greater things were in any field "way back when".)

:: It is always about the little things, all the little things that make up a day and a week and a life.

:: Y'see, we decided that what we wanted to do was to give people the most awkward Christmas card-opening experience ever.

:: Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be Mitch Albom, to get up every morning, look in the mirror and say, “I am worth every penny.”

:: I think this is badly wrong. And it's badly wrong in an important way. In fact, it gets straight to the heart of perhaps the most serious, most durable misunderstanding held by conservatives about how to fight terrorism.

And that's all for this week.

By the way, Sentential Links will not be appearing next Monday or the Monday after, for those days are Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve respectively. We'll be linkin' stuff again in three weeks.


the dame said...

Thank you! I particularly loved the awkward christmas card and Alex's revelation about a friend. You gather some really excellent links on here.

Roger Green said...

I'll make the case, though, that TV news WAS better in the old days in terms of playing the adversarial fourth estate. Sure there are some documentaries out there now , and some good ones, but the percentage is WAY down compared with the possibilities. People are more concerned about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant because, often, that's what they've been fed.