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Monday, August 06, 2007

Sentential Links #108

Here we go with this week's selections....

:: And if the argument is that he was violating non-baseball laws, I'll listen to this as soon as the arguer advocates kicking Mickey Mantle and every other player who took amphetamines out of the Hall of Fame. (This is just about my take on Barry Bonds: yeah, he took steroids, so what. As for people who suggest that his record carry an asterisk in the record books, wouldn't any batting title from the steroid era also require an asterisk? Should Bonds's lifetime average carry an asterisk? Hell, if as many players took steroids as are commonly supposed, shouldn't the entire yearly standings of Major League Baseball carry an asterisk in that period?)

:: I was musing about whether the United States was ready for a black President. (Heck, sometimes I wonder if America is ready for a President at all.)

:: Yesterday started with a root canal, and rather went downhill from there. (Wow. Bad day, that.)

:: The next time the game has an open beta, plunk down your cash and sign up. You may regret the time spent not getting to know your significant other and children, but you'll barely remember who they are...

:: In most hugs I’ve participated in, Person A throws his or her arms completely around Person B, tightly pinning Person B’s arms to his or her torso while he or she stands there, ramrod-straight, grinning somewhat uncomfortably. It’s a joy to behold such human closeness!

:: I wish I’d started reading this way years ago. Of course, years ago I didn’t see the need. (I was probably going to remove Will's blog from the blogroll due to inactivity on the next go-round, but now he's active again!)

That's all for now. Moving along....


LC Scotty said...

Captain Ed (conservative blogger at Captain's Quarters) raises an interesting point similar to LG&M about Bonds, but he goes a bit further arguing that guys like Ruth ought to have asterisks, not Bonds.

The gist of the argument is that since baseball was all white at the time, those records were set while some of the greatest players were excluded.

Roger Owen Green said...

Jaq- Did the guy who caught Bonds' 756 go to school at U Buff or Buiff State? The story I read in the Daily News said SUNY Buffalo.