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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sentential Links #103

Here we are, yet again. This time, you won't win so easily. BWAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Oh, sorry. Wrong post...we're doing Sentential Links, not Confrontations with Ultimate Evil. Whoops!

:: Outsmarted by the undead! Another proud moment for our band of heroes. (Come on, folks, if you're not reading "DM of the Rings" yet, then you're just not worth the trouble. Harumph.)

:: Anyway, I think as I've been more willing to embrace my sadness, anxiety, shame, and so on, my ability to be joyful has really grown. I laugh more because I cry more...I feel more authentic and at peace for letting the whole range of emotions surface.

:: "How many cat years are in a human year?"

:: What drives me nuts about this residual force stuff, aside from how arbitrary it is, is that there's never any thought to exactly what these 50,000 should do. Basically, as the violence rages around them they're supposed to sit there to ensure that... there isn't even more violence raging around them. But it isn't really enough people to actually intervene, especially given that not even close to that many would be combat troops.

:: This weekend, I joined Niall and Graham on arguably the ultimate in bookish roadtrips: to a certain small town just over the Welsh border, Hay-on-Wye.

:: My theory is that, in fact, women's money isn't as "good" as men's - that it carries with it the inescapable taint of our double-XX DNA and/or Unclean Plumbing, which for brevity I will henceforth refer to as "cooties", since that is an old and familiar paradigm; and that no True Male will risk catching Girl Cooties from our tainted dollars, because as every Traditional Boy under the age of nine knows, associating voluntarily with girls is not only icky in itself, but gives you the dreaded Cooties, which will inevitably turn you into a girl, or at least make you less than fully human, that is to say, True Male--

:: Buddhist-Quakers, Wiccan-Quakers, Jewish-Quakers, what sort of religion has this become?

:: That's right, people, this is what it is coming down to: you need to break the law to do science. We're criminalizing nerds.

:: Colonize the Gobi desert, colonise the North Atlantic in winter — then get back to me about the rest of the solar system!

We'll return next week with some all-new links....

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Belladonna said...

Once again you carry me off to some facinating reading I'd probably never have found any other way. Love it! Thanks so much for keeping the waters stirred in good directions.